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August 25, 2013
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[RD ]Fukui Yukio app by Paanda-Tan [RD ]Fukui Yukio app by Paanda-Tan
~~~~~ EDIT ~~~~~

:new: Changed main file

Methods of Role-Playing:
I 'm SUPER active there XD
Notes: Be warned I reply by my pace cus life is in the way
Comments: I dont really do comments but I guess it's okay! ovo

Name: Fukui Yukio

Alias: Mushy (friends call him that), Direct Aim ( called by others), shorty( for fun) , Yuki

Age: 16

Birthday: 20 March

Gender : Male no lah no, female-//slapped

Weapon Choice: Twin Colt M1911 pistols

Opinion On What Is Happening:

"WHERE'S AKI!?" was the first things he said. Aki, his stuff mushroom is not around.Yukio took out his phone and took a glimpse of his wallpaper, which was Aki. He smiled and put his phone away. Now he was normal. Yukio looked around, he wasn't in his room and the Scenario looked like a horror game. He took a few steps to check if this was a dream. But it wasn't . The grass felt real. The sound of the crickets were real. Yukio picked up his Handguns and smiled; he never believe he would be in a horror game. "Let's see how this goes.." He said.


Before the game started:

Fukui Yuura : His older bother

Yamamoto Misaki: his good friend.

Fujisaki Akito: His friend.

Game started:

-Chitose (( :iconani-kii: ))
- Dominik Monroe (( :icondawnspandapants: ))
-Scarlett (( :iconbloodlustingscarlett: ))
-Ryo Shi (( :iconlostmydream: ))
-Kayuu Jiburo (( :iconbloodlustingcreature: ))
-Kizu (( :iconshairo-kurokuma-sama: ))


Hot Headed |Up-Beat personality | hyper-active | Sometimes silent

Yukio has a lot of energy and has an up-beat personality. At times, he can be very hot-headed and a bit defensive, especially when it comes to him being teased by his height. He blushes a lot when someone teases him or just when things get awkard or someone is too close to his face. But when things get serious, he'll be in chage of atitude. Yukio's face will actually get more serious and he doesn't care of his surroundings. Yukio is actually a bit of a attention seeker, because of his parent's death, his sister had to study and work and did'nt give him enough attention he needs. this makes him crave for affection and attention, though he denies it. If you are close to Yukio, he swears he will protect you till his death.

likes/ Dislikes

+ mushrooms (he has a stuff mushroom he carries around named Aki)

+ Shooting

+ Vanilla and Rough Yaoi Doujinshis

+ Video Games

+perverts (I know XD)

+being teased( but he doesnt show it.)


-being alone



-bright areas


Yukio lives with his brother, Yuura, in an two storey 4 room house ever since their parents death. Yukio has been having a hard time ever since his parent's died, he sold their house and used the leftover money to pay for the home and bills. Yuura actually stopped schooling because he thought it was stupid and work multiple jobs But the money he earned wasn't enough. Thank god Yukio was top 3 shooter in Kyoto,the prize money he earned saved them from poverty.

But that didn't stop him from living a normal student life. Ever since he was young, he had a passion for shooting, Yukio continued shooting until he became the school's champion shooter, they even nickname him as "Direct Aim". Yukio made friends with a girl named Yamamoto Misaki, who continued to support him. Misaki is a Fujoshi, which made him take liking into Yaoi. Yukio also has other friends but no one knew the secret that he likes Yaoi.

As times flew, Misaki introduced him to her boyfriend, Fujisaki Akito. Akito and Yukio became good friends and he made Yukio become in love with Horror games. They were the best of friends and everyone would know them for being really great together. One day, Yukio won a prize for a couple trip to another part of Japan. Since he wasnt engaged with anyone he gave it to Misaki and Akito.

Who knew where they went was where the Japan tsunami was.

Misaki died and Akito barely made it out. Yukio, hearing the news went to travel to find Akito, hoping he can comfort him from the loss of Misaki. But Akito rejected Yukio. He hated Yukio for giving them the ticket. "IF YOU DIDNT GIVE IT TO US SHE WOULDNT HAVE DIED!" He screamed at him. Yukio, shocked, blamed it on himself. Akito took off the wristband that resembled their friendship, and cut it. That was the end. they never talked again. Yukio was hurt.

One day after school, Yukio was searching for horrror games in his phone, when suddenly, a message came upon him. "Rabbit Doubt" It read. Yukio smile. it was just something he was looking for. It seems free too! What a bonus. Clicking on the "yes " Button, Yukio waited for the game to load but to no avail. He sighed and went off to bed....

...Waking up in the Game


-Yukio is Bisexual ((HE LIKES GIRLS AND GUYS OKAY?-//:iconpapmingplz: ))
- Mushroom Lover (duh XD)
- He is actually just a few centimetres shorter than average guys, but because he always makes a big fuss about it, he get's teased about his height.
- He has about 10 bullets with him. Usually there are packets of bullets laying around in the game that he can pick up.
- Voice: (Syo-kun =w=)…


Fukui Yukio Belongs to :iconrisuhino:
Rabbit Doubt Belongs to :iconrabbito-dauto:
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